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Low Voltage

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What is low voltage?  Chances are that you know much more about low voltage than you realize.  Low voltage encompasses a wide range of building technology including security and safety devices.  Low voltage equipment has applications in homes and businesses, large and small.  Erickson not only installs low voltage technology, we can maintain and monitor the equipment and systems involved.

Low Voltage for Homeowners

Home security systems are no stranger to residents of the Twin Cities and the surrounding suburbs.  You may not realize that you have other options than the giant home security corporations that everyone is familiar with.  Erickson can install, monitor and maintain your home security system.  The best part is that Erickson can offer these services at a significantly lower cost than the giant corporations.  You trust Erickson for all your heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical needs, now you can trust us with your home security too!

Whether this is your first home security system or you are replacing your old, over-priced system, Erickson is your home security expert!  Call today to get your personalized home security plan started.

Low Voltage for Property Managers

As a property manager your responsibilities go far beyond occupancy and facilities requirements.  Erickson has built a comprehensive package to help you focus on what counts – your tenants and properties, while we focus on the annual requirements involved with property management.  Review our low voltage services to see how Erickson can help you stay current and compliant with property management requirements.  Some of the requirements we can help you with are...

  • NFPS 10 (Fire Extinguisher Certification)
  • NFPA 25 (Sprinkler System Inspections)
  • NFPS 10 (Fire Extinguisher Certification)

Low Voltage Applications

  • For Your Home

    Low Voltage Home

  • For Your Business

    Card Access

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