5 Star Jonathan Hatch

These guys do great work. I have an old house on the westside of Saint Paul that didn't come with a lot of good spots to plug into, no outdoor outlets, and no really good lighting options in my unfinished basement. They sent Al to help me out. He showed up promptly at 7:30 both mornings, and fixed/installed everything I asked for. And he was 30 minutes under budget!

Brilliant work. I highly recommend Erickson Electric. Thank you, Al and thank you Beth!

5 Star Mike L

We had Erickson replace our water heater at work. They were great to work with! They made it very easy for me, the whole way, from scheduling to actually replacing the heater went very smooth. The plumber they sent out to do the work did a fantastic job! He was very pleasant, professional, and quick about completing the work and did a very professional job. I would definately recommend Erickson to anyone!

5 Star Robyn Gangl

I called Erickson to replace a drum trap, and had saved up a few wishlist items around the house. The fee was a flat-rate time-based fee, and the plumber was able to give time estimates for each project before beginning. I was able to get the most bang-for-my-buck at a rate I felt more than reasonable. I recommended their service to a friend who had a leaky pipe who felt similarly. I had them back to do some gas line work as well and it was a similar experience.

I'm about to call and have them out to work on a valve and drippy tub faucet. I am confident I will have another fine experience.

Each time the contractor was timely, considerate of any mess, pleasant, and capable of explaining the scope of the work. I love not having the shock-numb feeling of getting ripped off.


The install went great.  Looks and runs great.  Jason was excellent to work with.


I know I can count on Erickson's to assist me when we have issues at our rental properties.  Whether it be an electrical, low voltage, plumbing, or HVAC, problem.  My maintenance techs ask me who to call and I give them the same phone # for Erickson's every time.

Matt S.

Thanks to all at Erickson.  The whole process went smoothly and I always received prompt responses.

Paul M.

I wanted to take a moment and let you know that Zach was great to work with - he was able to answer all of my questions and ultimately we found the right unit/solution together. Regarding the install, Mike was outstanding - friendly, professional, thorough and incredibly knowledgeable. My husband and I trusted and valued his expertise.  As one business owner to the next, congratulations on your team!

Jill H.

The guy that you folks sent out for this work was fantastic, he did an awesome job, was very friendly, and got it done fast!

Mike L.

Thank you! Just have to tell you though that Tim was GREAT to work with yesterday! Things were not going his way at start of day with pipe not being where the hole was cut and then the break being in a elbow not straight part and not in cast iron as was told to us. But even with all that happened he found the break and got the repair done right away with out causing any disruption to business. And then I was amazed at how well he cleaned up when he was done. Other than missing the concrete you could not even tell anything had happened in the room. Great guy and I hope to see him out again on other projects.

Martin L.