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Heating Services

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In Minnesota, heating is essential for any home.  In fact, the heating season is often the longest season of the year in the Midwest.  Home heating is much more than supplying a furnace, that’s why Erickson offers a variety of Carrier furnaces, Carrier thermostats and furnace accessories.  At Erickson we take a holistic approach to heating your home, pairing the appropriate equipment with compatible accessories for your home’s unique needs.

Home Heating Options

When it comes to choosing the right heating system for your home, trust an expert. Erickson is here to help you make the right purchase decision to fulfill your needs at the right price.  Erickson can also help you maintain, repair and replace your home comfort system.  From furnaces to water heaters, to ductless systems, Erickson has the solution for you!  Preview the heating solutions that Erickson can offer you here.

Forced Air Heating Systems

Forced Air systems include gas furnaces and heat pumps and are found in ducted home.  Gas furnaces are the more popular heating option in Minnesota.  However, the lesser known heat pump also has its place in the Midwest.  A heat pump is a two-in-one solution for home comfort acting as an air conditioner and a furnace.  In Minnesota, heat pumps are often paired with a gas furnace because they run most efficiently down to approximately 25°.

Ductless Heating Systems

Whether you need single zone or multi-zone heating for your home without ductwork, there is a Carrier Ductless system for you.  Ductless systems can heat anywhere from one-nine rooms in your home.  A Carrier ductless system is not your stereotypical space heater.  As always with Carrier systems, you can expect your ductless unit to provide more consistent and reliable temperature control and maximum energy savings.  Another great benefit to going ductless is that most indoor units are quieter than a whisper running at less than 30 decibels. 

Hot Water Heating Systems

If you live in an older home or a home without ductwork, you most likely use a hot water heating system often referred to as a hydronic heating system.  A hot water heating system consists of a boiler or hot water heater that pushes warm water through pipes and through a radiator or baseboard to heat your home.  The most common fuel used with a water heater is natural gas.



Heating Equipment Tiers

  • Infinity®

    Carrier Infinity Furnace

    Efficiency: Best
    Quiet Level: Best
    Humidity Control: Best
    Cost: $$$

  • Performance™

    Carrier Performance Furnace

    Efficiency: Better
    Quiet Level: Better
    Humidity Control: Better
    Cost: $$

  • Comfort™

    Carrier Comfort Furnace

    Efficiency: Good
    Quiet Level: Good
    Humidity Control: Good
    Cost: $