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Minnesota is a four season state.  The cooling season may not be our longest season, but we get hit with hot days and lots of humidity.  Many factors determine the type of air conditioner or heat pump that will work best in your home.  Your home size, how often you plan to run your cooling system, how many rooms you want to cool and even how often you are home.  Home comfort in the summer doesn’t stop at air conditioning.  You need the proper ventilation, humidity control and thermostat for your system to run at peak performance.  Erickson is here to evaluate your home’s needs and recommend the ideal cooling solution for you.

Home Cooling Options

Many factors come together to determine the right cooling solution for your home. Erickson is here to evaluate your home and provide the perfect air conditioner, heat pump or ductless system to cool your home.  We offer an extensive line of air conditioners, heat pumps and ductless systems to ensure your specific home needs are met.  Each cooling system has a specific purpose and setting in which it performs best.  Let Erickson help find the perfect solution for your home.

Forced Air Cooling Systems

The Carrier forced air family consists of central air conditioning systems and heat pump systems.  These systems require ductwork and electricity to deliver cool air throughout your home.  Whether you have an air conditioner or heat pump, your cooling system runs on electricity.  Many of these high efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps also qualify for rebates.

Ductless Cooling Systems

Ductless units are becoming increasingly popular in the cooling world.  A Carrier ductless air conditioning system is much more than the traditional window air conditioner that you are probably imagining.  These ductless systems can cool anywhere from one-nine rooms.  This means there is a ductless system for your garage, your new addition and even your whole house!  Home owners looking for a quiet and efficient cooling system are not limited by the ductwork (or the lack of ductwork) in their home.  It’s all in the name, duct-less!

Air Handlers

If you use a radiant heating system in your home you can benefit from having an air handler in your attic or basement to alleviate the feeling of inconsistent temperatures from room-to-room.  Installing ductwork and an air handler provides for a much more even and comfortable cooling throughout a home.  Utilizing the fan on an air handler can help to keep constant air movement, even in the cooler months when using radiant heating.

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