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Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor air quality is often forgotten but is very important to maintaining healthy, clean air in your home.  Many homeowners don’t realize that the air in your home is typically more polluted than the air outdoors.  This happens because we seal our home to keep even temperature levels throughout the house and to keep the warm or cool air inside.  Although this practice helps your air conditioner and furnace run at maximum efficiency levels, it traps allergens, chemical pollutants, bacteria and mold spores in your home’s air.  What’s the solution?  Erickson is here to recommend the combination of indoor air quality products that work best with your heating and cooling equipment.  



Managing humidity in the volatile, Midwest climate is a year-round task.  The humid summers can be brutal without proper humidity control, and your home should be an escape from the relentless heat.  An air conditioner has some dehumidifying features, but that is not always enough.  Also, working your air conditioner harder on hot and humid days is a drain on your system and on your wallet.

The Carrier® Performance™ Whole Home Dehumidifier automatically senses and removes humidity from your entire home and can remove up to 11.25 gallons of water from your interior air a day.  This dehumidifier also has flexible installation and easy maintenance.  Meaning it can be setup to work with your existing cooling system or it can run independently.


Adding humidity to your dry, winter home can go a long way in making you comfortable.  Many think the solution to an uncomfortable winter home is to crank the temperature up.  This can actually remove more moisture from the air which leads to dry skin, sore throats, sinus issues and can also deteriorate wood furniture and floors in your home.  A humidifier from Carrier is a whole home solution.  These low-maintenance systems work with your Infinity® or Edge® thermostats to send moisture through your ductwork and into your home’s air.  Maintain comfortable humidty levels with a Performance™ Series Steam HumidifierPerformance™ Series Fan-Powered Humidifier, or a Performance™ Series Bypass Humidifier.


The issue with heating and air conditioning is finding the right balance of comfortable air versus healthy air.  You don’t want to seal your house too tightly, because then you never get fresh air in your home.  But if your house isn’t sealed enough, you are compromising the comfort and efficiency of your equipment.  That is where ventilators come in.  In Minnesota, a Performance™ Series Heat Recovery Ventilator is a great solution for year-round ventilation.  It allows fresh air into your home, but pre-conditions the outdoor air to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter before entering your home.

Air Cleaners

When it comes to air cleaners, think healthy air.  Although you cannot see most of the pollutants in your home’s air, without proper filtration, you are breathing them in.  An air cleaner can help remove microscopic bacteria, viruses, mold spores, allergens and chemical pollutants from your interior air.  Erickson can recommend the ideal air cleaning system for your home: Infinity® Series Air PurifierPerformance™ Series Air Purifier, or a Comfort™ Series Cabinet Air Filter.

UV Lamps

The moisture and heat given off when your air conditioner runs make the coil of your unit a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. A UV lamp works to kill these germs inside your air conditioner so they cannot be released into the air in your home.  By keeping the build-up on the coil of your air conditioner at a minimum, your air conditioner runs more efficiently and is easier to clean during your seasonal maintenance.  Combat these issues with a Performance™ Series Germicidal UV Lamp.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

Virtually all homes in the United States are required by law to have a carbon monoxide alarm.  Because it’s from Carrier®, you know you are getting reliability and quality.  The Carrier® Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm monitors CO levels every 15 seconds and can detect CO levels between 11 and 999 parts per million.

Air Filtration Products

  • Air Purifiers

    Carrier Infinity Air Purifier

    The Carrier® Infinity® Air Purifier is a whole house air cleaning product that filters and cleans the air in your home.

  • Electronic Air Cleaners

    AprilAire Electronic Air Cleaner

    The AprilAire Model 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner is best for astha, severe allergies, respiratory issues and removing particles from your home's air.

  • Generic Filters

    Basic Filters

    With the regular filter cleaning and replacement, your heating and cooling system can perform at it's highest efficiency while keeping the air in your home clean.